Heart To Heart

←My Love Rides Down Upon You

Heart To Heart was my first collection, made in 2018 at Queensland University of Technology.

I was interested in transferring my pencil and paper doodles onto fabrics and into 3D. I used hemp fabrics because they feel soft yet slubby, and are really comfortable to wear - and they smell really good. The therapeutic factor of the fabric was key to the collection's functional impetus, which was the creation of clothing that could both physically address, and artisically convey, the need for comfort and serenity.

Thank You to the fashionistas at QUT 💙

Shot by James Caswell, Modelled by Patrick King

hth-hole-3 hth-hole-front hth-hole-left hth-hole-right hth-hole-back hth-hole-5 hth-sadeyes-1 hth-sadeyes-front hth-sadeyes-left hth-sadeyes-back hth-sadeyes-2 hth-sadeyes-7
hth-smudge-2 hth-smudge-front hth-smudge-left hth-smudge-right hth-smudge-back hth-smudge-7 hth-smudge-6
hth-apron-1 hth-apron-front hth-apron-left hth-apron-right hth-apron-back hth-apron-5 hth-apron-2
hth-scarf-1 hth-scarf-2 hth-scarf-3 hth-bts-4
hth-bts-3 hth-bts-2 hth-bts-1 hth-bts-6 hth-bts-7 hth-bts-8

Heart To Heart - Photoshoot B.T.S. Film shot by me, starring Patrick King and James Caswell