My Love Rides Down Upon You

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My Love Rides Down Upon You was my graduate collection, made in 2019 at Queensland University of Technology.

What started as a plan for a theatrical showdown ended as a true sequel to my first collection. I meant to decode the emotional affectivity of visual art, music and theater, then use that code to mathematically design a live presentation of "emotional fashion"; but I didn't consider the obvious truth that this would be impossible. So then the collection became a representation of my own emotional wreckage at the time - something I still couldn't decode but could depict obsessively. I also made an album of the same title; it was the whole package. It was later unreleased because my cycle goes like this: create, devalue, destroy, regret, replace.

Thank You to the fashionistas at QUT 💙, and Thank You to Rodney Hall for writing 'Fountain and thunderstorm', from which I took the title of this collection 💙

Shot by James Caswell, Modelled by Stephanie Carter

angel-front angel-back angel-1 angel-7
check-front check-back check-1 check-5 check-4
overwhelm-front overwhelm-back overwhelm-2 overwhelm-3 overwhelm-4
leak-front leak-back leak-2 leak-4 leak-5
onesie-1 onesie-2 onesie-3 onesie-4
fallen-angel-front fallen-angel-back fallen-angel-2 fallen-angel-5 fallen-angel-8
bts-1 bts-2 bts-3 bts-4

My Love Rides Down Upon You - Journal Pages

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